Our Story

Kis is a rider owned BMX company form North Yorkshire, UK. We were established in 2009. Kis was born because the parts we produce simply did not exist in the market place. We constantly came up with cool new ideas expecting to see other companies release them the following year… But they never did. We began to believe in our ideas more and more and decided to start a company, making products we as riders, wanted to see and redesign. Everything you see has been designed for a reason, not simply to look different. We have over 15 years of experience riding all kinds of bikes with different geometries and sizes. We know what feels right for us so it should feel right for you. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just rolling it forward a little : )
“Keep It Simple.” – The Kis Ethos.

All our parts are designed in-house and tested rigorously by our dedicated team of riders. If it wasn’t for the riders we would not exist. Special thanks go out to all those guys past and present, who have helped to get KisBikeCo where it is today. Mark Noble, Cleggy, Benson, Dyno, Greg Hammer, Andre Fowkes, Richie Lee-Haigh, Joe Watson, Danny Hart, Alex Landeros, Trey Hererra, Linus Welsh, Nick Goodall, Ashley Douglas and Tom Justice. Thank you also to all our trusted distributers and store owners, especially Mason from Scoop. Further thanks go out to the filmers and photographers who keep helping us out: Ali Hutchinston, Ged McConville, Ivan Maslarov, Elliott Brown and Lanny.